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AlmaPact is now Stride

Stride Funding is the trade name of ALMAPACT INC., 

a C Corporation funded by institutional investors.




San Francisco

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Give back to your alma mater. Diversify your investment holdings.

Stride Income Share Agreements offer a unique investment vehicle that allows you  to diversify your investment portfolio while also directly funding student education. By sponsoring student education and in return receiving a fixed percentage of graduate monthly income, you generate social good for future generations of Americans.

Donate purposefully

Contribute to your alma mater more meaningfully by directly sponsoring student education instead of donating to blind pools of university endowment funds.

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Diversify intelligently

Stride provides access to an innovative and diversified investment vehicle that offers predictable returns and low correlation with public equity markets

Engage meaningfully

Build relationships with students and alumni of the next generation and promote career placement and job advancement