Stride Income Share Agreements explained

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) offer students an innovative alternative to student loans, with added career support, flexibility, affordability, and shorter duration.


per $10,000

As low as 2.0% per $10,000 funding

A small, affordable, fixed percentage that never changes


year duration

Compared to 10-25 year traditional student loan plans

So you can move on with your life and save for the future


minimum income threshold

No payments when you make less than this, along with a 3-month grace period after graduation

Only pay when you have meaningful earnings


payment cap

Never pay back more than 2x the original Funding Amount

We want to see you succeed, not penalize your success


co-signers needed

No co-signer needed for a Stride ISA

We look at where you're going in the future

Supporting students at*

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*Stride Funding ISAs are offered independently of the above universities and without preference or endorsement

Features of a Stride ISA

With an ISA, you pay a small, fixed percentage of your future earned income over a 5 year term following graduation. We look at where you’re going, not where you’ve been, so rates are based on your expected earnings based on your program of study. Payments tied to income give students confidence that payments remain affordable, no matter their earnings.


Because we only succeed when you do, we’re incentivized to help make your dreams a reality, which is why we provide career support, downside protection, a grace period, and a minimum income threshold to each student we fund. It’s time to rethink how you pay for school! 

How It Works

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