Media room

We work collaboratively with the media, connecting national and local press with the resources they need, including our latest press releases and high-resolution logos. Stride's marketing team is also available, upon request, to discuss projects and progress.

Social media

Connect, share and converse with Stride on social media channels we have established to help share our vision and voice when it comes to financing student's futures. Tag us using @stridefunding or our hashtag #stridefunding or just message us on social! You can also follow our posts here:

Stride Name and Usage

Stride Brand Name

  • When referring to Stride for the first time, please use "Stride Funding, Inc." In subsequent references within that same communication, just use "Stride."​

Stride Logos and Guidelines

Highlight your partnership with Stride by including our logo in your print materials or on your website. Before using the Stride Logo, review our Stride brand guidelines for direction on how to use and apply the logo for different situations.