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September 28, 2021

Bootcamps: Changing the Face of the Tech Industry

The tech industry is receiving all the buzz today. With executives-turned-celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, everyone is hoping to be part of the next Facebook or Tesla. Top companies fight to remain at the top as smaller start-ups hustle to make their mark. People are rushing to enter this exciting industry with promising job prospects. Unfortunately, it's tough to gain the necessary skills. The time and cost of returning to traditional higher education is not a workable option for most. Enter, bootcamps. By prioritizing accessibility, bootcamps are changing the face of the tech industry.

Photo from Unsplash

No Experience Needed

Meet Clayton Waldock. With a grueling construction job in the Australian Outback, Clayton was miserable at the end of each day. Then, he discovered CoderAcademy. The 25-week program granted him the opportunity to change his life around. He declares, “not only have I started down a path that has an incredible amount of potential, but I have also transformed my life into something I believe is worth living, which is something I could not say before the Bootcamp.”

Photo from CoderAcademy

Coding bootcamps have opened the door for people like Clayton! With zero prior tech background, you can now gain the skills to succeed in the booming tech industry! The high demand for jobs allows companies to put their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion into practice. Now, companies struggle to hire at a quick enough pace to keep up with the growing demands. This is not a lack of talent, but rather a lack of opportunities for women and underrepresented communities. Bootcamps recognized this disparity. They've devoted their efforts to focus on diversity and accessibility!

Where We Began

The lack of diversity starts young. CourseReport found that women, on average, comprise only 27% of AP Computer Science Exam test-takers and 19.2% of Computer Science Bachelor’s Degrees earned. Additionally, African Americans encompassed only 1% of AP Computer Science Exam test-takes in 2016 and 3.3% of Computer Science Bachelor’s Degrees earned in 2019. These disparities reflect the current tech industry, composed of 66% men and 24% women in 2016 (Department of Labor) with African Americans representing only 8% of the total tech workforce (CompTIA). These prove the necessity for bootcamps.

Now, This Makes More Sense

Bootcamps understand the difficulty of putting your life on pause. That’s why they're designed to be the most time and cost-efficient! To accommodate for life circumstances, there are varying program structures. This includes full-time, part-time, and self-paced. Lasting 14 weeks on average, these bootcamps optimize your time! At the same time, they're seeing comparable job outcomes to a 4 year bachelor degree programs! They also use innovative payment structures, such as Deferred Tuition Agreements and Income Share Agreements. These take the burden of upfront payments off of the students and heighten the incentive for bootcamps to care about their students’ success. Additionally, scholarship opportunities exist for women as a result of more efforts to close the tech gender gap!

Bootcamps have been diversifying the face of technology. They provide opportunities for underrepresented populations to gain skills to succeed in the tech industry. Stride is proud to partner with bootcamps like General Assembly, SV Academy, Learn Academy, and many more to support students by financing their education with ISAs and DTAs!