Forbes: We Must Close The Racial Wealth Gap. ISAs Can Help

Forbes: We Must Close the Racial Wealth Gap and ISAs Can Help

This year, and this Black History Month, we recognize the importance of understanding the systemic disparities in higher education and helping bridge that gap. We are grateful to be featured in this thought-provoking Forbes piece highlighting these inequities and offering ways to increase the access and affordability of higher education.

Our mission is to offer transparency and accessibility at every stage of a student’s financial journey and to enable economic mobility. Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and other outcomes-driven financing tools are the future of student funding. It’s time to acknowledge the racial gaps and collectively work toward creating a better tomorrow. Read the article at the link in our bio to learn more.

The three virtues of ISAs – closing the funding gap, providing transparency, and aligning interests – are what prompted Tess Michaels to found Stride Funding while in business school. Backed by impact investors, Stride is an ISA provider focused on helping students pursue higher education programs that produce socioeconomic mobility. “Stride is focused on increasing access and transparency – we never require co-signers and don’t rely on FICO scores. We price not based on where students came from but rather where they are going. The majority of students we’ve funded are in high-impact healthcare and STEM programs and are primarily women and minorities,” Michaels notes.

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