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Enroll in college and pay nothing upfront.

Pay back when you leave school, and only

when you earn more than $40k a year.

Pay It Forward

Rivet School Income Share Agreements (ISAs) explained

Stride supports Rivet School students via affordable and flexible Income Share Agreements (ISAs)

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No Upfront Tuition

Pay nothing while in school. Afterward, pay nothing until you earn more than $40,000 per year.

Affordable By Design

After leaving school, make flexible monthly payments based on a small percentage of your salary.

Keep the Upside

No matter how much you earn, you’ll never pay more than 1.3 times the amount you’ve received.

Simple and Convenient

Don't worry about reapplying for funding each year. Rivet School's ISA offers funding to support you through to graduation

When will you start paying?

After you complete the program and find a job paying at least $40,000 year

When will you stop paying?

When you've made 78 monthly payments, 126 months have elapsed from the end of your post-graduation grace period, or you hit the 1.3x tuition payment cap, whichever comes first

To see your monthly payment amount, payment cap, and ISA percentage, please use this calculator

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Check out your terms!


per $1,000 funded

An affordable, fixed percentage that never changes


monthly payments

Allowing you to save for the future and major milestones


minimum income threshold

Only pay when you have meaningful earnings


payment cap


month grace period

We want to see you succeed, not penalize your success

Focus on getting a great job, not making payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for ISAs


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