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Stride Funding is the trade name of ALMAPACT INC., 

a C Corporation funded by institutional investors.

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Benefits of a Stride ISA over a Student Loan


Based on a fixed percentage of your income so you never pay more than you can afford


Grace period after graduation before payments begin.

Allows you to pause for certain life events.

Credit History

Our ISAs depend on you and your potential - not your family's financial situation

5-10 years


Fixed payment means you have to pay regardless of what you may earn

Rigid payment schedules force you to pay even if you don't have a job

Bias against low-income households with lower credit scores

10-20 years

Stride Income Share Agreements explained

With an Income Share Agreement, you pay a percentage of your future earned income with rates based on what you are expected earn.

Here are the 5 components of a Stride ISA:





The amount we give you to help pay for your education

Income Share

The percentage of income you agree to pay after graduation

Payback Period

The maximum number of monthly payments you make to to fulfill the ISA obligation

Minimum Income Threshold

You do not make monthly payments if your income falls below a minimum threshold

Payment Cap

A payment cap ensures you don't pay more than three times what you borrowed

Features of a Stride ISA


Downside protection

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 1 in 10 recent graduates will default on their student loan debt. That's bad for everyone, which is why Stride offers lower monthly payments for students with lower incomes.

No payment if you earn less than $40k

We understand how challenging the job market can be. If you make less than $40,000 in any year after graduation, you won't have to pay a cent.

Personal support

Get support from someone who gets it. When you give us a call, you'll get a person, not a machine. We have graduates just like you available to help. 

Exclusive Stride Benefits

We offer networking events, industry experts and skill workshops to help give your career a boost. You also get exclusive discounts, because who doesn't like saving money?



Carnegie Mellon

MBA Student

The opportunity to do an ISA was appealing to me for a few reasons. It offered the ability to broaden my network outside of strictly my alumni network. You don’t get that support from any other lending company.


University of Pennsylvania 

Masters Student

I chose Stride because I wanted to feel like the company helping me pay for school was truly investing in me. I truly feel like the individuals on the team believe in me and my future, and want to help me achieve my goals. 


Massachusetts College of Health and Pharmacy

Master of Physician Assistant

I chose Stride because it made sense financially and felt like I was gaining a supportive network of individuals who had my best interests in mind.

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