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AlmaPact is now Stride

Stride Funding is the trade name of ALMAPACT INC., 

a C Corporation funded by institutional investors.

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For U.S. students:

  • Stress-free loan that lets you focus on school without worrying about how to pay for it

  • Stride members get a $200 Amazon gift card at closing

  • No co-signer needed for qualified graduate loans


Follow the link that fits your program below to make sure you get the best deals!

Undergraduate Private Loans

Graduate MBA

Graduate Medical

Graduate Dental

  • No cosigner, collateral or credit history required

  • Fixed rate loans from $2,001 to $50,000

  • 10-year loans with no prepayment penalties

  • Builds your credit profile in the US

  • Free career support and immigration advice

  • Available to students from 200+ countries

  • All fields of study supported, at 350+ schools in the USA and Canada

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For international students: