The Stride Difference for Universities

Your school can demonstrate its commitment to students by offering them more funding options. Outcome-driven funding mechanisms like ISAs open doors for students and provide countless benefits. With end-to-end support, Stride makes ISAs easier than any other player in the market.

Our Income Share Agreements bring best-in-class service and pricing to students and partners.

Stride ISAs are affordable, flexible, and school-certified

Our ISAs ensure a simple, consistent application and disbursement process for schools and students

Certification & Disbursement

directly to the institution so that aid officers can prevent costly over-awards and advise students of repayment options

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Career Support

throughout the life of the ISA providing financial literacy programming, resume and interview support, and placement partnerships to ensure students' long-term success

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Origination & Servicing

through trusted partners like Campus Door and MOHELA

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Impact Capital

ready to support students today, without any capital contribution required by schools

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We partner with your team to

maximize student benefits

Unlike other providers, Stride doesn't require heavy lifting by universities

No origination or guarantee fees

Career and financial wellbeing support

No co-signer


Outside capital—no university funds needed

School certification and disbursement

No obligations in the event of death or permanent disability

Frequently Asked Questions

There's plenty of confusion surrounding Income Share Agreements (ISAs). We're here to clear the air.

Do Stride's direct-to-consumer Income Share Agreements bypass the Financial Aid Office?

No, an ISA from Stride Funding is a school certified product that is disbursed directly to the school, preventing over-awards and ensuring that Financial Aid Officers can properly counsel student borrowers on their aggregate debts and liabilities.

Do ISAs require the university to invest its own capital and structure its own ISA program?

While most ISA providers do operate this way, Stride ISAs are built with student-centricity and Financial Aid Office simplicity in mind. Stride Funding offers an end-to-end solution, inclusive of all capital, underwriting, servicing, and program design, enabling Financial Aid Officers to focus their attention where it matters most - the students!

Is getting approved for an ISA more difficult than getting a GradPLUS loan?

Credit underwriting for a Stride ISA is very similar to what a borrower would expect during the GradPLUS application process as both products only require a minimal credit check and no co-signer requirements.

Are there are hidden fees built into an ISA?

There are no origination or guaranty fees assessed to ISA borrowers.  A borrower simply pays a fixed percentage of his/her gross income for 5 years following graduation. That’s it!

Are there any deferment or forbearance options available for ISA borrowers?

Yes! If a borrower is making less than the minimum threshold income, no payment is required.  This, in essence, defers repayment until such time as the borrower meets or exceeds the minimum income threshold.  And even better, since there is no interest assessed on an ISA, there is no interest accruing during periods of non-payment which prevents interest capitalization and higher costs over the course of repayment.

Can an ISA can continue indefinitely if a borrower does not exceed the minimum income threshold?

Most ISAs have a cap on both the number of years in active repayment, as well as the maximum potential deferral period.  At Stride Funding, for example, a borrower will never be asked to make payments more than ten years after graduation, even if the borrower has never exceeded the minimum income threshold!

Are there are any consumer protections in the event of death or permanent disability?

Unlike student loans that force borrowers or families to apply for loan relief, with a Stride ISA, in either tragic scenario, the borrower’s income will fall below the minimum income threshold—as a result, no payment will be required.  This provision acts as a de facto forgiveness mechanism if a borrower is to pass away or become disabled.