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A new way to recruit and retain

We grow pipelines of new talent and incentivize retention for 3+ years after hire, by bridging education and career in a new way—through customized employer-sponsored student loan programs.

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What we do

Improve retention & boost your bottom line

We work with hospitals and healthcare systems across the U.S. to:

Build engaged, loyal cohorts of new talent  icon
Build engaged, loyal cohorts of new talent
Save on recruiting, turnover, and contract labor costs icon
Save on recruiting, turnover, and contract labor costs
Fit right into your current processes, people, and systems (we're low-lift, high reward!) icon
Fit right into your current processes, people, and systems (we're low-lift, high reward!)
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We'll show you the numbers

Based on a sample 150 sponsored roles, and average cost of retention and turnover, here’s an example of what you could expect to see when you partner with us:*

Return on Investment

saved in year 1

years retention

Want to know what your ROI could be? We’ll send you a custom return-on-investment calculation.

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*Actual results may vary and subject to program design. Example based on ROI calculations for 150 roles sponsored, $40,000 in average tuition, and assumptions around current cost of acquisition and turnover.

How it Works


You select from pre-vetted, talented students while they’re entering or already in school.


You commit upfront to repay their loans after graduation, in exchange for a future employment period.


Students sign employment agreements while still in school, and officially join your company after graduation.


Once hired, we handle all reporting and repayment, and you only pay down loans while employees are retained—so there’s nothing to claw back.

The results speak for themselves:

94% reduction in turnover

in year 1 across ~500 sponsored employees on Stride’s platform*

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Stride's transformative model aligns with our commitment to investing in the education and development of our employees, ensuring a skilled and dedicated healthcare workforce for the future.

Brad Jokovich, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Brickyard Health
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One of our biggest challenges as a network is finding associate doctors to work in the practice, so we've recently partnered with Stride... It’s been an absolute pleasure developing this program.

Dr. Mick Kling, Practice Transition Advisor for Vision Source

We handle the details, you handle the care

We're here to be a low-lift, high-reward solution that fits right in to your existing workforce planning priorities.

We provide one centralized platform for application, vetting, and payments—with built-in engagements to generate loyal cohorts of custom talent.

Want to learn more about our end-to-end talent pipeline and retention solutions for healthcare?

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Custom Program Design

You decide who, how many, and how much you want to sponsor.

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Seamless Application & Vetting

Simply log in to your portal to review and select your finalists.

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Brand Affinity

Sponsored talent become your most powerful brand ambassadors, with student testimonials collected at signing.

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Optimized Financing

We remit payments to 98% of loan servicers, federal or private, and can originate new loans for qualified students—giving both of you access to the lowest cost capital possible.

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Student Engagement & Support

We help you engage students at every stage, with community-building events, regular touchpoints, and custom tools to support their academic success.

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Centralized Reporting Dashboard

Access transparent reporting so you can visualize your impact and measure outcomes data by cohort, all in one place.

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*Based on sample of 500 skilled trade employees in Stride’s servicing portfolio data and national average turnover rates for commercial truck driver and diesel technician roles. Sources: Stride, Zippia, American Trucking Associations.