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Accelerate careers, build a pipeline

Create a sustainable pipeline of next-generation talent through our employer sponsored tuition programs.

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A win-win-win solution

Our Employer Sponsored Loan programs connect employers, training programs, and talent.

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Reduced cost of attendance and guaranteed employment after graduation.

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Increased access, enrollment, and outcomes.

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Recruit and compete for top talent, building a sustainable pipeline of retained full-time employees.

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How it works

We provide upfront funding

Stride provides upfront financing for talented students, disbursed directly to their institution.

Graduates join your company

Upon graduation, employer-screened and accepted students launch their career as a full-time employee.

You repay loans for retained employees

Repay Stride only while employee is retained and performing (if employee leaves, obligation moves to them.)

Built with your needs in mind.

Fully customizable.
End-to-end support.
Personalized data.

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We'll work together to build a fully customized program, incorporating everything that's important to your brand.

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Custom landing page, application, and student portal supported by a dedicated student relationship and communications team.

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Instant access to low-cost capital through a seamless online origination platform and a proprietary Stride pricing model.

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Funds will be disbursed directly to the students' institution—with no upfront funds required from student or employer.

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We facilitate best-in-class servicing, backed by a focus on compliance and regulatory rigor, with wraparound support for employer-employee engagement.

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Personalized client data portal with access to your latest student and employee data, custom reports, and a dedicated account manager.

We support thousands of schools and programs
University of Pennsylvania
Vanderbilt University
University of Cincinnati
Boston University
Virginia Tech

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