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Powering a next-gen workforce

Lifting learners, schools, and employers to new heights with innovative education-to-career pathways.

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What We Do

We're tackling a broken system

At a time when the student debt crisis collides with critical labor shortages, we form the glue between education and career to drive higher ROI and stronger outcomes for all.

Reduced debt burden & clearer career outcomes icon
Reduced debt burden & clearer career outcomes
Increased talent acquisition, engagement & retention icon
Increased talent acquisition, engagement & retention
Enhanced student access & program outcomes icon
Enhanced student access & program outcomes

For Employers

Grow stronger workforces

Let us build you a more sustainable pipeline of pre-screened talent—with low upfront cost and big impact on retention.

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For Universities

Open more doors

Learn about our transformative employer sponsorship programs driving student access, affordability, and career success.

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For Non-Degree Programs

Fuel higher potential

Alternative education requires alternative financing—explore our suite of student financing options to power bootcamp, vocational, and skilled trade programs.

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For Learners

Reach new heights

We’ve got your back. Manage your payments and report your income in your Launch Servicing portal today.

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I grew up in poverty. I have always been supporting myself and my family. Being able to knock out two years of debt is just an incredible, incredible opportunity. It eases a lot of worries about what life looks like after school.

Matthew, OD in Optometry
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Stride Funding contributed to a huge portion of me going to nursing school and to pursue my dreams and goals. My program was really expensive, and Stride helped me to find a way to make sure I didn’t miss a single moment of school due to cost.

Gina, BS in Nursing

Why we built Stride

We power economic mobility

Stride’s mission has always been to provide access to education and career pathways. We’re here to drive economic mobility—partnering with employers and educational institutions to open doors and solve critical workforce challenges.

People-centric ethos icon
People-centric ethos
Access-driving partnerships icon
Access-driving partnerships
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Transformative programs
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