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August 20, 2020

7 Ways Income Share Agreements Trump Traditional Installment Student Loans

By Olivia Kennedy

College is increasingly expensive—we get that. Navigating the seemingly endless space of financial aid, scholarships, and loan options can be frustrating and exasperating. However, though the options for funding your education may seem endless, you may find solace in the Income Share Agreement (ISA) model. Students and universities around the world are getting on board with this innovative system, which entails a college or investor financing your education under the agreement that you -the student - will pay them a fixed percentage of your post-graduation income after you secure a full-time position. Here are a few ways to determine how ISAs work for you.

No income requirement accessible to students with even limited credit

If you don’t qualify for other private student loans based on your or your family’s earnings, this option is well-suited for you. Stride ISAs do not have requirements based on current income or traditional credit scores, and are more accessible if you don’t have a cosigner.

Investment in YOU

When approved for an ISA, you can be sure that there are people on your side who are invested in your education and believe you have a bright future. Who doesn’t need a little more motivation like that in their lives?

It pays to be successful

Those approved for an ISA are evaluated based on many factors. It truly pays to be a successful student, as your accomplishments can help you in the application process for an ISA.

Shorter terms and payment protection

With a Stride ISA, you’ll be done with your repayments in 5 years or less, whereas the minimum term for federal income-driven repayment plans is 10+ years. On top of that, you will not have to pay anything if you make less than $30,000/year and can pause payments based on life circumstances.

No need to worry about funding college while you’re in it

While you’re a student, funding your education shouldn’t be a barrier to your achievement. That’s why Stride makes it so that there is no need to worry about your education funding while you’re a student. We want to make sure you’re focusing on your academic and professional development. The payments come next, when you’re secure in a position you have earned through your accomplishments in higher education.

Career and Professional Development Resources

Because of such intentional investment into students, those who receive ISAs from Stride are offered a vast network of professional resources to access during their job search. This is just one way Stride works to make repayments more affordable.

Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility

Flexibility is the name of the game at Stride. It is imperative that your education funding works for YOU, and this is why Stride provides the resources and opportunities within our ISA packages necessary for students to succeed. Get a quote for your student funding program or learn more today at

If you are interested in using a Stride Income Share Agreement to fund your education, apply today. You can also contact us at