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December 12, 2019

Admissions Straight Talk: Stride Funding CEO Tess Michaels

Stride Funding's CEO, Tess Michaels, was recently a featured guest on the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast from Accepted.

The podcast discusses her approach to entrepreneurship while at Harvard Business School, starting Stride Funding, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), and advice for students interested in graduate school.

"There are a lot of different growth sectors we think about. The student loan market is such a huge industry – we hear about it in the news every single day. We already have our work cut out for us in fulfilling that demand. We probably will expand to undergrad later. Our second product is prepping to launch, which is a refinance option, and will be available in 2020. It is essentially converting all traditional loans into one income share agreement that is much more manageable. Beyond that we are looking at pain points in other areas." -Tess Michaels, CEO of Stride Funding

Listen Now: Download the Podcast

Head to Accepted's blog to download "Entrepreneurship at HBS: The Story of Stride [Episode 341]" with Stride Funding CEO Tess Michaels.

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