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December 10, 2020

All Nurses: A New Way to Pay for Nursing School

All Nurses wrote about Stride's Income Share Agreements and how they're a great product for nursing students to use to pay for school.

How do ISAs Work for Nursing Students?

Out of a handful of ISA providers, Stride Funding is a standout that focuses on healthcare professionals. Stride offers Income Share Agreements that allow students to finish payments in just 5 years, instead of federal loans’ 10 to 25 years. Their ISAs are also uniquely designed to support nursing career choices, offering webinars, resume workshops, and a community of fellow healthcare students from the moment you sign on. Stride gives unique attention to each ISA applicant to make sure he or she receives both an affordable education and the skills necessary to face the future.

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Apply for an ISA Today

If you are interested in using a Stride Income Share Agreement to fund your education, apply today. You can also contact us at