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September 10, 2020

Clear Admit: Stride Funding and a Better Way to Finance Your MBA

Clear Admit interviewed our CEO Tess Michaels, along with a Stride MBA customer, to find out why Income Share Agreements offer a revolutionary new way to pay for business school.

Stride Funding: By Students, For Students

“As I talked to peers, I realized that this is particularly true for graduate programs. Graduate students are often faced with a particularly tough decision, as they typically have significant prior student debt and face greater opportunity costs of going to school. After I learned about income share agreements (ISAs), I became fascinated with them as a way to better align the cost and value of an education and mitigate risk for students. I truly believe that we have an opportunity to eliminate the unsustainable debt loads that affect millions of people and to fundamentally change how the world thinks about student financing. With this mission in mind, we created Stride Funding!”

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