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February 25, 2021

Getting the Career Resources You Need

By Ryan Brady

Stride Funding only succeeds when you do! In order to assist our students in getting jobs post-graduation and maximizing their potential, we have compiled career resources to help you with your resumes, interviews, and exams. If you have signed an ISA with Stride, you can find all of these resources on the Stride Funding website by navigating to Resources > Student Portal. Check them out below to see how they can help you!


Reading your resume is the first impression a potential employer will have of you, and as we all know, first impressions matter! After all, the difference between getting an interview or not is whether your resume stood out. It is a lot of pressure, but do not fear! Stride has both created resources and partnered with other organizations to help you knock your first impressions out of the park.

Often, the most difficult part of a task is getting started, and we’ve already done that for you with two free resume templates for both nursing and engineering students—the only thing left to do is to personalize them! Additionally, Stride has written and compiled in-depth guides for scholarships as well as career resources for nursing and engineering students to help you chart your educational path. Finally, Stride has partnered with Jobscan—a web service that uses AI to help you land more interviews by comparing your resume to job descriptions and assisting you in editing your wording to best fit different positions.


After you apply for a job with a killer resume created utilizing all of Stride’s resources, you’ll likely be getting called back for an interview. Check out, a website through which you can conduct anonymous, live interviews with people already in your prospective positions or who are knowledgeable about your company of choice. If you email the Stride Career Support team at, you can get a account in just a few days. Stride also works with My Interview Practice, an interview simulation service. Your answers to randomized, industry, and experience-appropriate questions are recorded so that you can share them with friends, professors, or mentors to gain feedback!

Exam Prep Services

When hiring employees, one of the most important factors considered is of course their qualifications. What better way to prove you’re qualified than by acing your exams? Through Stride’s partnership with UWorld, a leading provider of medical and healthcare exam preparation tools and content, nursing students who sign ISAs can get an exclusive rate of 50% off the standard retail price of NCLEX prep ($170 rather than $339)—a full year of access for less than the usual price for 90 days. If you buy the package for $170, we will share an access code to register with UWorld for a full year of NCLEX access!

Apply for an ISA Today

If you are interested in using a Stride Income Share Agreement to fund your education, apply today. You can also contact us at