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December 24, 2020

Harbus: Creating A Better Alternative to Traditional Fixed Payment Student Loans

Harbus recently wrote about Stride Income Share Agreements with HBS-grad and CEO Tess Michaels and our vision to create better alternatives to traditional fixed payment installment student loans through ISAs.

The ISA Difference

Everything we purchase is a percentage of income. However, in a traditional loan structure, that percentage of income is higher when someone earns less. We believe in affordability—ensuring no one pays more than he or she can afford. Also, every financial instrument, such as a mortgage, has a mix of debt and equity. It’s time education funding followed suit. Stride’s ISAs offer the needed flexibility within a student’s financial package, along with shorter duration, improved alignment, and career support.

Read the full article profile.

Apply for an ISA Today

If you are interested in using a Stride Income Share Agreement to fund your education, apply today. You can also contact us at