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August 5, 2020

Paying For School Shouldn’t Break Your Budget

By Matt Gomez

Paying for school can be a daunting task, and many students looking for funding fear having to make tough sacrifices in the future to get the education they want today. But with Income Share Agreements (ISAs), payments are tied to income, giving students peace of mind since they’ll never break the bank!

Rethink How You Pay for School

With ISAs, students don’t have to worry about interest, co-signers, or making payments during school. ISAs offer students an innovative alternative to student loans. Based on a fixed percentage of your future income, ISAs have a shorter duration than traditional student loans.

At Stride Funding, ISAs are made to work for you — increased flexibility means any student can pause their education payments if they don’t have a job, need to take time off, or are earning less than$40k per year. Every ISA is unique and is focused on your career plans instead of your history.

More Flexible Payments

Sometimes life can get in the way of a payment. Especially in this current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, students want to go back to school to improve their skills—and do so affordably. A Stride ISA is perfect for students who are rightfully wary about the employment environment after graduation. With Stride, they will only ever pay the agreed-upon percentage of income, with no hidden fees. Instead of worrying about payments while in school, students can focus on their studies. Even if students end up earning more than predicted, the income percentage remains the same.

ISAs put investors and students on the same side, because Stride only succeeds when students do. With Stride, students will have access to career support and guidance, along with weekly content to help navigate school funding—Stride supports students as they strive to reach their full potential!

Interested? Apply for an ISA Today

If you are interested in using a Stride Income Share Agreement to fund your education, apply today. You can also contact us at