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January 6, 2020

Be a Stride Funding Campus Ambassador for Your School

There is a $1.6 trillion student debt crisis in the United States. The number in and of itself is enough to scare most of us off our feet. The implications on our lives, as students, are severe enough to make sure we are all paying attention.

Stride Funding works to provide a more flexible and affordable way to pay for school than traditional student loans. Income Share Agreements, or ISAs, ensure that students never pay more than they can afford. With Stride’s ISAs, students pay a percentage of their income upon graduation (and don’t pay when making less than $40,000) for a set number of years. The more the student succeeds, the more we succeed. This means that we’ve got their backs. We’re here for career assistance, job planning, and as a caring community to support them through their education and on their career paths.

We’re a company of students, for students. Our founder, Tess Michaels, is an MBA student who saw firsthand the impact that student loans has on students’ lives. This led to Stride Funding. We work with students for their success.

We want to make sure that we will remain a company comprised of students. Our Campus Ambassadors program exists to ensure that this is the case. Campus Ambassadors inform students on their campuses about Stride’s ISAs. We understand the work that goes into connecting with students and explaining the world of ISAs. Therefore, we pay each ambassador $100 for every ISA as a result of their referral and $125 after the first five. We also pay the ambassador $10 for every application completed as a result of their referral.

Too good to be true? There’s more. Being a Campus Ambassador is the first step to joining Stride Funding. Here, you’ll find a community of committed and motivated individuals who all share the goal of working toward a more affordable way to pay for school.

Apply to be a Stride Campus Ambassador

If you’re interested in the world of FinTech, startups, and education funding, this opportunity is for you. Campus Ambassadors gain unparalleled insight into the functioning of a start-up, and grow with us in the process. Apply for Stride’s Campus Ambassadors program.

Apply for an ISA Today

If you are interested in using a Stride Income Share Agreement to fund your education, apply today. You can also contact us at