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September 15, 2022

The Flywheel Fund for Career Choice, Powered by Stride Funding, At Stanford Law School

It’s a big day for the space, a big day for Stride Funding and a big day for students! We are ecstatic to announce that our team at Stride Funding just launched an income share financing program alongside Stanford Law School and a new nonprofit, The Flywheel Fund for Career Choice. The program is designed to make it easier for students to select careers focused on impact, mission, and interest, rather than simply pursuing the highest salary.

Flywheel Fellows will gain access to $170,000 to cover tuition and expenses over 3 years and the features of the program include:

  • No payments while in school or at any point when earning less than $100,000 per year (thanks to support from Stanford Law School’s LRAP funding)
  • Payments tied to personal, not family, income
  • All payments flow back into the Flywheel Fund, helping to fund future generations of Fellows
  • Total payments capped at the cost of Federal Grad PLUS loans for highest earners

Our work at Stride has long been about driving access, affordability, and alignment within education finance. This new program highlights yet another use case where innovation is needed to rethink and redesign the system to ensure that our country, our schools, and our students all benefit from the knowledge and potential cultivated at our nation's best universities.

Time to open doors and enable students to pursue meaningful careers that change the world.

Check out our official Press Release here.

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