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Repayment 101:

Stride Funding & You

Your go-to guide for all things repayment, from your student portal to auto-pay and beyond!

Before we get started, log in to your Payment Portal at one of the links below. 👇

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What to Do

Let's get you on the path to repayment success!

Step 1: Register or sign into your account 🏛️

Be sure to use the same email you used when you applied for your funding!

Step 2: Report your income 💸

You have two options! You can either sync your bank once with Plaid, or use your Paystubs or Offer Letter to manually update every month to three months.

Step 3: Set up notifications ⏰

Under "My Account," select "Profile and Notifications." Sign up for "Receive email communications" and "Receive text communications." This allows us to contact you for important updates and info related to your account!

Step 4: Set up Auto Debit 🔑

This is key! To avoid having to make manual payments each month, enroll in Auto Debit by selecting your program and navigating to "Payments" > Auto Debit and following the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Make a payment! 🎉

If you're not enrolled in Auto Debit, simply sign into your Payment Portal, and click “Make a payment” when you're ready to make your first payment. You can also make payments over the phone or through mail-in check.

Who to Know

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Stride Funding (Us!)

Your mission-driven, student-first education financing partner and account manager. We made your funding available to you!

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Our Bank Partner

FinWise Bank is our Utah-chartered bank partner, member FDIC, issuing some of our loans. You won't hear from them, but you may see their name in your documents.

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Knowledge Finance

Our servicing partner, Knowledge Finance, is a non-profit subsidiary of MOHELA (another name you may see). They manage your payment portal and collect payments.

When in doubt, reach out!

We're here for you. If you're having trouble making a payment, experiencing hardship, or otherwise need support—let us know! We'll work with you to determine your deferment and forbearance options that will keep your account in good standing.

Get in Touch
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How to Succeed

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Always Report Your Income

With an ISA, you pay less when you earn less, and if you're earning more, you may pay off your account sooner! Keep your payments accurate by reporting your income.

(Plus, if you lose your job or your income drops, and we don't know—we won't be able to pause your payments!)

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Stick to Your Payment Schedule

If you stick to your schedule, you'll be guaranteed paid in full at the end of your maximum repayment term—no matter the amount you've paid! That's the deal.

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Enroll in AutoDebit

Save yourself the hassle of manual payments—and the stress of having to remember your monthly due date—by enrolling in AutoDebit now.


Never be surprised by a payment due date. Sign up for calendar notifications!

SV Academy, Rivet School, AdvanceEDU, and Learn Academy

All Other Members

Need more of a Walkthrough?

We got you! You can watch the recording or view this video walkthrough for more detail.