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ISAs: Learn Now, Pay After You're Hired

Take a part-time bootcamp with no upfront cost.

With the Stride ISA program, you pay back your tuition in manageable monthly installments only once you’ve landed a job making $40,000 per year or more.

How It Works

Stride Funding supports Tech Elevator students via affordable and flexible Income Share Agreements (ISAs).

No Upfront Tuition

With an ISA, don't pay for your career training until after you've got a job making $40,000 per year!

Manageable Payments

After you’ve reached the minimum income threshold ($40,000 per year), you’ll start paying back 10% percent or less of your monthly earned income for 48 months. Monthly payments stop early if your total payments ever reach 1.5x funded tuition.

Bank on Yourself

Our support team + your career ambition = great success. Have confidence in your ability to graduate and break into a new in-demand field.

When will you start paying?

After you complete the program and find a job paying at least $40,000 year and after the 3 month grace period after graduation.

When will you stop paying?

When you've made 48 monthly payments or hit the 1.5x tuition payment cap.

What might my payments look like?

To see your monthly payment amount, payment cap, and ISA percentage, please use this calculator.

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Your ISA Terms

≤ 10%

Monthly Payments An affordable, fixed percentage that never changes


Payment Term Allowing you to save for the future and major milestones


No payments when you make less than this. Only pay when you have meaningful earnings.


Never pay back more than 1.5x funded tuition. We want to see you succeed, not penalize your success.


No payments for 3 months after graduation. Focus on getting a great job, not making payments.

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