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Wellness Corner

Here at Stride, we want to help you make personal strides toward a better future. And in today's uncertain climate, we know that prioritizing mental health is more important than ever.

Apps and Websites




All Mental Health


Ginger Roots


  • Clinically-proven strategies based on cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Offers an app for download and a variety of free resources

Big Health’s Sleepio


  • App designed for students to help improve mental health and build stronger connections, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing

Articles and Videos

TED Talks

Neuro Wellness Spa

Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s YouTube

No Shame On U

  • Non-profit seeking to end the stigma around mental health, raise awareness, and provide helpful resources
  • Informative website that includes a page of links to US resources to find services closer to home or digitally